Fancybox left and right key problem

When you use fancybox, it automatically adds listeners which stop any other use of the Esc, Left and Right keys on your keyboard. The just don’t work in forms etc inside Fancybox.

This isn’t such an issue with the escape key, but not being able to use the left and right, for example in text inputs, is a pain.

The changes below add an additional option to Fancybox called useNextPrev which you can set to false to stop Fancybox adding listeners to these keys. I haven’t included the escape key as I think it’s far less of an issue. Continue reading “Fancybox left and right key problem”

Pimping Fancybox jQuery Lightbox

I love fancybox. It’s a great and flexible jQuery lightbox, but I decided there were a couple of things I needed it to do that it doesn’t, so I dived into the code head first and added a couple of features. Be warned that you need to edit the file jquery.fancybox-1.3.1.js to implement them.

Combined add and fire / show / open
Yes I know you can do this with $.fancybox(content, options)

It’s tough to add the fancybox listener and fire it at the same time, for example onclick or using a live event. That annoyed me in some circumstances. Previously I have resorted to adding fancybox to anchors on hover so it could fire onclick: Continue reading “Pimping Fancybox jQuery Lightbox”

More powerful jQuery getScript with cache control

If you love getScript as a shortcut method in jQuery but you hate not being able to control whether the script calls from the browsers cache or not then you can override the build in function with a new one which is backwards compatable, so it won’t break any of your old code, and allows you to choose true or false to caching.

Read the original post by Jamie Thompson

$.getScript = function(url, callback, cache){
			type: "GET",
			url: url,
			success: callback,
			dataType: "script",
			cache: cache

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Disable Select Options in Internet Explorer

Put your hands up if you hate developing for Internet explorer….

That would be most of you then.

I can’t stand its special ways of doing things, so when I find an easy work around it makes me happy.

The latest one I have had to find and put into practice is a method for disabling some Select dropdown options in a form. Internet explorer doesn’t support the disabled attribute on option elements. The following code will only work in standards complaint browsers (not in IE 6 or 7):

Continue reading “Disable Select Options in Internet Explorer”