Coach, Mentor, Strategist

I’m Harry Bailey and I help foster tech teams and the humans who help form and fuel them. My work creates better outcomes, more value, happier humans and solid autonomous teams.

I work with companies of all shapes and sizes who are struggling to make Scrum, SAFe and other agile frameworks work for all areas of their business.

My experience as an agility coach, product owner, business owner, tech strategist and software developer enables me take a team-focused approach. I look to support value creation at every level from pair coding through to business strategy.

Some describe my role as Delivery Coach and some as Agile Coach. My preference is Agility Coach. ‘Agile’ isn’t something to be achieve, and our focus as members of software development teams should be on removing the impediments that limit agility. I work with teams of all sizes and experience levels to be better tomorrow than they are today.

Do We Even Need Cookies?

A new law came into force on May 26th 2011 in the UK and Europe that affect websites and how they deal with the user flow of saving cookies to a visitors browser.

Previously websites could use cookies as much as they liked and we only limited by the browsers of the people visiting their websites, but as of late May the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Amendment Regulations 2011 require that certain information must be given to that site’s visitors and the user must give his or her consent to the placing of the cookies.

In english, that means that a site must ask all users permission before saving a cookie to their browser.

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