Inquisitor comes to Firefox and IE7+

If you have been using Safari over the last couple of years then you are likely to have heard of Inquisitor. It’s a search plugin that brings instant search results, autocomplete and general quick search bliss right into your browsers toolbar.

We finally it is in beta for Firefox and IE7+

Inquisitor was originally created by David Watanabe. It was more recently purchased by Yahoo!

Yahoo! autocheck an option in the preferences of Inquisitor which allows them to collect annoymous user statistics for anyone using the plugin.

When you first install Inquisitor I suggest you go into the preferences, switch the default search engine used to Google, raise the number of results returned to 6 and turn off the statistics collection.

Anyway…. Inquisitor is awesome when you know a site comes up in the first few results and you want to quickly jump to it.

It also tells you the sites you have already visited and how long ago it was.

So when you get a minute, grab inquisitor and give it a go. It’s free for all browsers.