Hide genre column and apple store links in iTunes 8 on Mac OS X

When I upgraded iTunes to version 8 and started messing around with iTunes genius I was a very happy man. Clever little tool that. Shame that iTunes store arrows were littered around the screen and the genre column was back. iTunes had also removed the option to hide it from the preferences. Grrrrrr.

Well if you don’t want to see the genre column at the top of iTunes 8 on mac then I have the answer for you.

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Disable Select Options in Internet Explorer

Put your hands up if you hate developing for Internet explorer….

That would be most of you then.

I can’t stand its special ways of doing things, so when I find an easy work around it makes me happy.

The latest one I have had to find and put into practice is a method for disabling some Select dropdown options in a form. Internet explorer doesn’t support the disabled attribute on option elements. The following code will only work in standards complaint browsers (not in IE 6 or 7):

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Uppercase First letters with javascript

If you have a string in javascript and you want to the first letter to be uppercase / a capital then this line of code will do that for you:

str = str.slice(0,1).toUpperCase() + str.slice(1);

If you want to convert more than one letter then you might want to use the following. As examples if you wanted the first 4 characters uppercase use (0,3) and then (4) and if you wanted the first 2 uppercase you would use (0,1) and then (2)

str = str.slice(0,3).toUpperCase + str.slice(4);

Remember that an array starts at zero so always take one from the numbers you want.

jCrop – jQuery’s Image Cropper

I have been doing a lot of javascript coding recently. It’s funny because until six months ago I was a javascript beginner. I had done some js but didn’t completely get it and began by copying and pasting from other sites in the hope that things would just work. Then again that’s how I started with php too.

As I began to work on PagePlay more and more the javascript needed to be more and more clean and easy to adapt for when we add new functionality.

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