Mac Book Pro + OS X Lion external monitor issues

This is a short post to allow me to keep track of all the issues I have seen with graphics when using my Macbook Pro on OS X Lion with an external monitor. There is a thread on the apple discussion forums which is worth a follow too:

The app switcher contrast issue:

app switch contrast

If you click the image above you will see the app switcher has very high colour contrast.

The White / invisible app switcher icons:

Click the image above for a better quality image.

Other issues I have seen, but haven’t got screenshots of yet…

White / invisible app switcher icons
Distorted (bold and blurry) text in app windows
App windows which contain diagonal coloured noise

A restart of my mac seems to fix the issues temporarily.

4 Replies to “Mac Book Pro + OS X Lion external monitor issues”

  1. Hey,

    I have the exact same problem, but not only with the app switcher but with any app. Happens only on the external device, and a restart fixes it most of the time…any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


  2. Nobody solved this one yet? What I do to temporarily solve is to go to System Preferences >Displays >Color change Display Profile to another random one and back to original… but not always solves the problem :S

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